Just in case

The World Does In-Fact Go To Heck

get yourself


Devices of Defense & Maimery

Totally handy and hand-crafted

Survive Unthinkable Chaos

try as you might, it's totally impossible to think about

try to think about it, go ahead... told you so, impossible

Protect Your Neck
& those necks you love most

from Acts of Gods to Nasty Zombie Diseases



The weapons below are hand-crafted to look beautiful while hanging on the wall or while saving you from a massacre of undead proportions.

King of Spades with razor-sharp teeth Observe & Consider Paddle Oar Die striped for your maimery Observe & Consider In the Gutter avoid living eyeballs Observe & Consider Crescent Doom scoop up those un-deadies Observe & Consider



With all the doom-mongering in the world now-a-days, it's only natural to offer ones fellow fearers some real security. And why shouldn't it be in the form of a few beautifully designed blunt objects? Worst case scenario, heck breaks lose on Earth and one is forced to brandish a weapon, whatever is closest and bluntest at the time, and defend himself and loved ones at all cost. Best case scenario, the world stays as ‘lovely’ as it is now, the reason for the season disappears, and these objects of fearful beauty become an artistic reminder of the once-had fears of yesteryear.

These weapons should be displayed in easy-to-reach places of the home or work place until needed as life-saving-devices.

Devices of Defense & Maimery were designed by the doom-mongers of Fuzzco. Each piece is cut and formed by hand, made of red oak and carbon steel for rugged strength and beauty. We're doing our part to preserve life when it all goes down the tubes. See you on the battlefield, may the best man/woman/mutant win!



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